Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.
Francis of Assisi

Asha Teens are .

ASHATeen Board Members

ASHATEENS was formed in 2015 in order to encourage teens to become more involved within their communities. Now, the Asha for Education Princeton Chapter is proudly supported by a team of dedicated teen volunteers who readily and passionately commit hours of hard work in order to ensure that Asha is able to meet its goals and give back as much as possible.

We eagerly encourage all teenagers to join the Princeton Chapter in its endeavors! Any interested teen volunteers may email Rujuta Sawant at or Nikhil Kundu and (Nikhil’s email here).



My name is Rujuta Sawant, and I am a senior in high school. I have been a volunteer with Asha for around 5 years now. Education is an important aspect of life and should be a right, regardless of anything. I realize that I am privileged to receive an education without sacrificing my ability to live comfortably, so joining Asha was my chance to use this privilege and make sure someone else can benefit from it. For the many lessons I have learned, skills I have gained, fellow volunteers I have met & worked with, and lives that have been positively affected through Asha, I am proud to call myself an Asha volunteer.



My name is Nikhil Kundu. I am a senior in high school and I have been volunteering with Asha for Education for the past 4 to 5 years. As a volunteer, I especially enjoy the sense of responsibility that comes with organizing the fundraisers we hold. Since the organization is purely volunteer-driven, we are the heart and soul of the success of every event we hold. I love that it is our responsibility to make ideas become a reality.



My name is Shaan Patel, and I have been volunteering for the Princeton chapter of Asha for Education for 2 years. I am in twelfth grade and I truly enjoy volunteering for Asha, as I know that the time I contribute ultimately aids underprivileged Indian children in receiving the education that is their birthright. The profits generated from the events I help organize fund the construction of schools in India and the distribution of textbooks and school supplies. Thus, I know that every hour I devote to Asha brings us closer to realizing our goal of bringing about socioeconomic change through universal Indian education.