Shrihith Manoj

Hello, my name is Shrihith. I have been a volunteer for Asha since ninth grade and currently attend South Brunswick Public High School as a senior. What motivates me to come back each year to promote and aid the cause is the life-changing impact it has on many children in India who are unable to afford a quality education due to their family’s economic status. As I strongly believe that every child should be able to have a good education, I do my best each year to promote the foundation and help it reach new heights. Helping plan and organizing the marathons is a fun and rewarding experience as I get to meet new people and work together with friends to make the world a better place.

Outside of Asha, I have participated in the many music programs that SBHS has to offer, and continue to do so as I’ve played trumpet since fourth grade. I also love to watch soccer as it’s my favorite sport to watch, play, and appreciate the entertainment from seeing players perform phenomenal skills or score great goals from positions I cannot even imagine.