Anushka Raut

I am Anushka Raut, sophomore student at Franklin Township Highschool, Somerset NJ. In school I would say that math and statistics are my favorite subjects. I am part of the Tennis team, FBLA , Model UN, JCL and Key clubs in my Highschool. I am the leader for Girls Who Code chapter in Franklin Township. I am part of Asha for Education organization since I was a child as my parents are volunteers. One reason I like Asha for Education is because my grandparents were teachers who helped people in their village to get the resources they need to go to city and get opportunities that they would not have known if they weren’t there. It is their inspiration attracted to me Asha for Education Princeton Chapter. Along with elder sister and family I have seen and been part of meetings and fundraiser events since I was 2 years old. I have been performing as participant for Dance, Karaoke and 5K events. Along with participation I have been helping backstage coordination, arrangement in the kitchen and cleaning up after the event. I I have organized Karaoke with kids via Hope of Registry. Working with my friends for Asha for Education is an honor and also enjoyable experience. I make many friends and what we do helps kids who do not have equal opportunities as we do. I wish to do a Site visit in future and meet the students that the Princeton chapter of Asha for Education supports. I would like to continue to be involved when I go to college as well.