I started to volunteer for Asha for Education in 2021 with a garage sale. From there, I joined the Princeton chapter and helped organize our yearly walk/run event. I have helped run the event by creating flyers and promoting the event in various ways. My largest impact on the organization has been my ability to digitize the times for the race. I was able to record accurate times and send them out to participants through text messaging.

In addition to volunteering for Asha, I attend South Brunswick High School and am a varsity basketball athlete. As a student, I am part of multiple subject honors societies as well as a member of National Honors Society for my community service. I have a passion for computer science and hope to  pursue this passion by majoring in it in college.  Computer science is interesting to me because I love to solve problems and create new things. In my free time, I love to explore the outdoors and go on hikes with my family. I hope some day that I can travel to Europe as there are many beautiful hikes that I wish to complete there.