My name is Raj Aasrith Sivalenka and I am from South Brunswick, New Jersey. I have been living here for the past 9 years and currently, I am attending South Brunswick High School. I have been a part of the Asha For Education since 2022. I love to participate in many ways to help positively impact the community. Being a member of Asha allowed me to help raise money for children’s education in India. Advertising this event, hanging up flyers, and working through the struggles of getting the word out have left me with experiences that will last forever. During the events, if anything went wrong, being able to adapt and take initiative has allowed me to become a better problem solver. Through my experiences, I learned to always be passionate, dedicated, and work hard to achieve my goals, and knowing these will help me be prepared for the future.

Along with Asha, I am a member of multiple other volunteer organizations such as the Leo Club, the Om Foundation, and Heartfulness Learning. Community service is a crucial part of my life and being able to help those in need is what makes me happy. Apart from Asha, I enjoy several activities such as playing tennis and I am a part of my high school tennis team. Editing and filmmaking is something else that I spend many hours on. In my free time, I go out with friends and spend time with family.