Ayaan Patel

My name is Ayaan Patel and I am currently a senior in South Brunswick Highschool, I have been an Asha Teen Volunteer for 3 years now and each year has been a new experience. I have made many new friends being with Asha and learned countless skills from my peers and the adults. I was invloved in numurous tasks from biking around the whole race track and putting up signs to coordinating a team to gather sponsors to raise money for the cause, I was given many opportunities to express my own individual skills for Asha and be a leaders for others to do the same. Asha’s cause has inpsired me to give back to the community I have been brought up in, and by working together we can truly make a difference.

Among being a teen volunteer for Asha I participate in various other extracurricular activities such as track and field and am part of my school team. I have been a sprinter since I was 8 years old and always loved the sport. This sport originally inspired me to be a volunteer for the Asha charity marathon!