Nikhil Shyam

Nikhil Shyam is a junior at South Brunswick Highschool and has been a volunteer for the Asha Princeton Chapter team since 2021. Throughout his time here Nikhil has done numerous things: he has helped to create necessary materials for the event, helped with yard sales, created a new system that deals with race timings, helped around during race day, and has done a small amount of organization for the event. Nikhil leads a small group in Asha that deals with motivation, the race course, the end of the race, and creating volunteer badges. He believes that education is a must-have opportunity for everyone and he gets to fight for that opportunity through Asha. Nikhil uses his access to social media to help educate others about the cause and how Asha helps. Asha for Education has helped Nikhil develop characteristics that help him become a well-rounded individual and given him the opportunity to help with such an important cause.