Rishvik Kambhampati is a student at South Brunswick High School and has volunteered with Asha for Education since 2021. From his experiences with this organization, Rishvik has learned to value and prioritize community service and social impact. Starting as a regular volunteer, he has assisted with fundraising and taken advantage of his social media platforms to garner awareness about underprivileged children scattered across India not being able to receive education. Over the years, he has worked his way up as a coordinator and lead volunteer of the Registration and Entertainment team for the Annual 3.5K/7K/10K Event. With years of experience, he has gained a sense of leadership and responsibility, allowing his teams to raise $1000+ by coordinating personal team calls and keeping the volunteers consistently active about fundraising. Furthermore, he has volunteered at speaker meetings happening at temples and karaoke events in order to continue to raise awareness about the issue and emphasize the importance of community service. Overall, Asha For Education has allowed Rishvik to become a well-rounded student inside and outside of the classroom and a person who takes the time to understand the importance of the world around him.

Outside of this organization, Rishvik enjoys watching tennis, playing with Rubik’s cubes, and dancing in his free time. In school, he hopes to pursue a career in Computer Science and holds a passion for teaching as he is currently an instructor at Mathnasium and Code 4 Tomorrow. Moreover, Rishvik spends a lot of time with his friends and family and loves to stay physically engaged with activities.