Rhea Aiyar

I started to participate in Asha for Education events in 2015 and I joined the Princeton Chapter team as a volunteer in 2018. I joined Asha for Education Princeton Chapter after learning how I could promote the education of underprivileged children in India. Through Asha for Education I have been able to use my social media presence to be the voice of those less fortunate. l have been able to help raise awareness by creating flyers, making calls, and using various social media platforms.

I started to become more involved as a volunteer when l made a flyer promoting the 2020 Global Karaoke competition. I advised participants and viewers of the competition on the registration process, including participation fee, donation, uploading the video and how to tune in to the event. l helped create a video to advertise this fundraising event. I then volunteered for a fitness challenge/race during the pandemic. This event required participants to run or walk a certain amount everyday for a month in order to remain healthy. The event had a dual purpose of raising money for unprivileged children in India and encouraging participants to stay fit. l created an Instagram account for awareness of this event and made many phone calls to recruit participants. This Instagram account is being used to give updates to followers on current and future Asha events. On Facebook, l am an admin of the Asha for Education Princeton Chapter page, and I post videos and flyers to promote events. The experiences from these events has provided me with many valuable skills I hope to continue using to bring awareness for Asha’s cause.